in memory of the sparrow

One girl's reaction to this envisioned future
This project was sparked by a study by Alfonso Balmori Martinez:
For the full report download the pdf from:

A park bench can act as a memorial for a loved one who has passed away. If there are no sparrows in the parks of the future, how would we remember them? I wanted to create a memorial to the sparrows, using an object and sound as a reminder of what is lost.

The foxhole radio is powered purely by electromagnetic waves in the air, which are picked up by a long antenna that transports the energy to a crystal ear piece.
The diagram and instructions on how to build a foxhole radio came from:

Experiments with foxhole radios

A squirrel came along to check out the birdhouse radio.


As new wireless technologies are introduced, using various frequencies and power levels,
an invisible energy is increasingly altering our habitat. As of yet there are no conclusive results from research to indicate the influence of this energy on our health or our environment, but studies have shown that sparrow populations are decreasing in areas that are affected by electromagnetic communication.

Imagine on a stroll through Hyde Park you
are met with an eerie silence. All the twittering birds have disappeared. By harnessing the very force that drove them away, and transforming it into subtle, obscured bird-like sounds, my object is a monument to the sparrows. It acts as a comfort to those who want to remember the sparrows, but also as
a poignant reminder of why they are gone.

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